Project Excellence Programme

The Project Excellence Programme delivers key business objectives while delegates learn and develop skills on the job.

The Project Excellence Programme is an alternative to traditional leadership development. It examines the ‘how’ behaviours around project completion in addition to measuring the task outcomes and benefits.

Successful projects deliver within budget, on time and on target. 80% of projects fail against these criteria. Project leaders need to master the art of inspiring and engaging others, even when working with virtual and temporary project teams.

Moving away from traditional leadership retreats which deliver an array of management models, the Project Excellence Programme can be delivered on-site and/or in a virtual environment, so keeping sharp focus on the essential skills required to execute a successful project. We deliver short, bite-size, skills sessions which delegates transfer and develop in the business, immediately, followed by external coaching and collaboration sessions that are focused specifically on the delivery of outcomes and milestones.

The Project Excellence Programme;

  • demonstrates serious and rapid returns on investment, by successful execution of projects
  • provides immediate application of skills learnt
  • aligns business objectives with development of essential leadership skills
  • delivers creativity, innovation and ingenuity
  • improves employee engagement, motivation and retention of key leaders
  • turns the development of people into a source of business advantage immediately and hits the bottom line straightaway

For more information please contact Graeme Leith, at The Morgan Leith Partnership