Morgan Leith has built an outstanding track record by helping clients accelerate business performance, increase profitability and build successful teams since 1984. Our clients achieve serious return on their investment from our training and development programmes (12-20 times the original investment over 2 years).

We help businesses;

  • Recruit, engage and retain top people
  • Generate major innovation, flexibility and creativity
  • Get “ahead of the game” in business and enhance your career

These are just some of the areas our clients confirm they benefit from when they work with us at Morgan Leith.
In the tough current economic climate, Harvard Business Review and CMI studies show that investing in your business by developing credible and extraordinary leaders across all levels will help to;

  • Build the bottom line
  • Achieve responsive organisations, able to adapt quickly and in time.
  • Drive greater leadership capabilities at individual, group and organisational level.
  • Strengthen the leadership pipeline while minimizing business disruption
  • Reduce recruitment costs and create a culture of achievement and engagement
FACT: Organisations that invest in their people perform better than those that don’t.

 We offer highly competitive leadership programmes, from the standpoint of the original investment to demonstrating measurable returns on investment.

By learning about our client’s culture, values and business objectives quickly, we design and deliver programmes to ensure capabilities and competencies are aligned and engaged with the business’s strategic objectives.