Executive Coaching - Your questions answered

What is Executive Coaching?
The effectiveness of any business depends on the performance of individuals and their ability to work together both within the business and in the market. Executive coaching helps senior level decision-makers to achieve their full potential, to identify their goals and outcomes, remove barriers and develop compelling audacious goals.

What is the ultimate aim of the process?
It's about helping people to take responsibility for their own success. It works on individual skills and behaviours and aims to help the client become more effective both for their individual achievement and for the benefit of their organisation, in the short and long-term.

Why do people need it?
Typically, clients are people in senior positions who have taken on a new leadership role, wanting to grow their business, motivate their people, manage conflict within their organisation and build effective relationships with the people around them. Or maybe just to bring some balance to their lives.

What is different about The Morgan Leith Partnership?
We're very client-orientated - it's all about what the client wants to get from the service. We offer an independent viewpoint and a richer variety of skills and experience to match the needs of the clients.

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